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Diversity Initiative

The Cambridge Neighbors Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee has been dedicated to planning programs that create a heightened awareness of the issue of race to themselves, Cambridge Neighbors, and those we serve.

Recently the committee focused on the implications of the intractable racial wealth gap, not only for those who have suffered for decades under gross disparities in income, housing policies, educational opportunities and support structures, but for all of us. To follow up on that discussion in a concrete way, the committee wanted to share the names of local black-owned businesses with our members and friends.

Here is that list:


Great Eastern Trading Company:    www.greateasternvintage/com
Full Moon Botanica:
Jamaica Mi Hungry:
Made Organics:
New Chapter Home Improvement:
La Fabrica Restaurant:
Oggi Gourmet:
Sheger Café & Ethiopian Restaurant:
The Little Crepe Café:
Muqueca Restaurant:
Asmara Restaurant:
Black Sheep Bagel:
Coast Café:
Comfort Kitchen:
Crimson Bikes:
Fresh Pond Tea Company:


Detour Construction:
Highland Creole Cuisine:
Serenity Wellness Massage:
Sunrise Caribbean Cuisine: