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Who can join Cambridge Neighbors?
Any resident 60+ from Cambridge, Arlington, Belmont, Somerville or Watertown can join the organization.


How many member households does CN service?

Over the last five years CN has serviced 200-225 member households per year. Our membership limit is 300 households per year.


How is CN financed?

CN sustains 85% of its operating budget with membership fees alone. Our goal is to be 100% self sustaining. The balance of our operating budget and any special programs are covered by donations from the Board of Trustees, members, local businesses and a few foundations. We do not receive city, state or federal funding and we do not take referral fees from our vetted service providers.


Does CN have a scholarship program for those on limited incomes?

Membership Plus is a subsidized membership program for people 75 or older who meet the low to moderate income guidelines for their town of residence.This program is limited by the number of donations received to support its cost. Contact the office to see if there are scholarships available. The application is available on the website or can be sent from the office.


What else should I know about CN?

CN is not a 24/7 emergency medical service. Your first call is always 911 in any medical emergency.

CN is not a taxi service. We ask members to call 2 business days in advance to schedule a fee based driver. Requests for a volunteer ride must be at least 5 business days and are available only for medical appointments when sedation is involved and an escort required.


What exactly is a village?

Villages are consumer-driven, grass-roots organizations that, through both volunteers and paid staff, coordinate access to services including transportation, health and wellness programs, home repairs, social and educational activities, and other day-to-day needs enabling individuals to remain connected to their community throughout the aging process.  Together we have the power and means to design our own futures and keep control of our own lives.


How many villages exist?

Today there are over 305 villages operating in the nation and many more in development. There are 10 villages in Massachusetts.


How can I learn more about the village movement?

Most villages are part of a national organization called the Village to Village Network. You can read about other villages and where they are located by going online to :




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