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Cambridge Neighbors changes its name from Cambridge at Home

Cambridge Neighbors embraced its new name as the board of directors approved the change from Cambridge at Home, which became effective January 1, 2018.

Cambridge Neighbors, an aging in place nonprofit serving residents 55 years and older, changed its name to better reflect the five cities and towns it serves; Arlington, Belmont, Cambridge, Somerville, and Watertown.

Its previous name (Cambridge At Home) had been its trademark for ten years, conveying a sense to many, that only Cambridge residents can join its membership organization and receive its extensive services and social programs.  Soon after its founding in 2007, residents from the communities surrounding Cambridge, expressed an interest in joining the organization. The organization expanded its service area beyond Cambridge to include Arlington, Belmont, Somerville and Watertown, now representing 30% of its 280 members.

“With ten years of history, we feel strongly that this is the time to make a name change that will convey a spirit of inclusivity among our current and future members,” noted Tina Olton, the newly elected board president. 

Membership-driven, Cambridge Neighbors will continue working with its members to meet a wide range of practical, sometimes unpredictable, needs that come up during the challenge and transitions of aging. “Cambridge Neighbors is committed to not just keeping people at home, but rather to build community, relationships and camaraderie among its members – essential ingredients to healthy aging,” commented CN’s former executive director.

About Cambridge Neighbors

Cambridge Neighbors is a nonprofit, aging in community organization, or “Village,” helping people 55 and older maintain vibrant, healthy and independent lives in their own homes and communities.  With 280 members, Cambridge Neighbors will continue to provide its members valuable services and programs to make aging in place a reality. 

Contact:  Jan Latorre-Stiller, Executive Director, 617-864-1715 or