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Fee Based Services

One of the most important aspects of aging in place is getting the help you need to maintain your health, home and happiness. We vet a variety of different service providers who can assist you with just about anything! 
How it works
Members simply call our office when they need a referral and the staff are happy to assist them by discussing their needs. We ask members to give us at least 48 hours (2 business days) before the service is needed. In some cases, we can give you the name of an appropriate supplier immediately, but at other times, we may have to do a little research to find the best solution for your problem.
We do not publish a list of our vendors.
We spend a great deal of time and money vetting these providers for use by CAH members only.
CAH does not receive fees from our service providers when we refer them to members.
We vet our providers carefully and choose those who have excellent references, pass our background check, maintain certificates of insurance on file in our office annually and provide good service. We do not choose the least expensive providers unless they meet our qualifications.
Members always arrange for services from our vendors through the CAH office.
We can make the initial contact for you and make sure that you receive a member discount when available. This ensures that the suppliers know how many clients come to them through CAH, and it increases our collective clout!    
Paying service providers.
All financial transactions for vendor services are arranged between the member and the supplier. Cambridge at Home does not become involved in billing or other negotiations.
We continuously receive feedback on our service providers.
We monitor the performance of our providers to ensure they continue to deliver good service. We ask members to give us feedback on any of the CAH service providers that they use. By keeping track of this information CAH not only maintains the quality of our database, but we can also provide member to member references for suppliers.     

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